The Other Side of the Storm

GTNP Teton Range Pano Sunset 1

“After a storm, comes a calm.” ~Matthew Henry

I was driving along Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park a few years ago and saw the most beautiful sunset against the back drop of a large thunderstorm. I found out later that the storm had dumped several inches of rain in Aurora, had produced large hail, lightning and damaging winds. It was a great lesson on perspective. Those caught up in it could only see the destruction surrounding them. Their concern was to take shelter and get out of the storm while it took its toll destroying many structures and a lot of property in its path. God quickened me to see it from a different perspective. Looking back toward the large cloud, I could see the beautiful colors of the sunset. For you see, I was looking at the storm from a different vantage point.



Life can be tempestuous and turbulent. Everyone will go through trying times and troubles. When we are in the middle of calamity, we can’t see our way out. All we can see is the desolation and destruction attempting to destroy and dishearten us. But on the other side of the storm, there will be a different perspective for you to view what has passed and focus on the beauty of what has been left behind.



There are certain things that all people have in common. If we live long enough, we will see sorrow and pain as well as failure and disappointment. It often comes by way of some catastrophe or misfortune. It can leave us feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. We wonder if our circumstances will ever get better. We can either let these situations defeat us or we can endure in the hope of a brighter future.



With perspective, we begin to see the gift we have truly been given. It may be a voice of wisdom and comfort to aid a fellow soul. It is something we can use to help others who maybe going through the same thing we went through. It may be just what was needed for growth in an area of our life, a chance to change a way of thinking about a matter or it may bring a much-needed change to our character. 


One day, I had driven into an area in the aftermath of a forest fire that occurred on the edge of Moraine Park in Rocky Mountain National Park. The fire had burned and purged much of the overgrowth and scarred and burned many trees. It looked barren and bleak. As I walked around there was not much that was capturing my attention until I looked down and saw the new growth budding, the rich green grass growing in the unfiltered sunlight.


If you are currently going through some hardships or trying times, keep pressing on until you get to the other side. Valuable and beautiful things are being deposited in your life. With perspective, you may see the thing that was trying to destroy you will be the thing that becomes a tool for the next chapter in your life.


Rainbow Cloud

Truly there can be beauty on the other side of your storm.


The Lonesome Road Warrior       

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