A Road Trip is in order


“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” ~Helen Keller

The term “road trip” conjures up different images to different people. It could be the family vacation many of us remember taking as children, the rite of passage for the teenager not yet ready to take on the cruel world of responsibility or the uncharted journey thought up on a whim. It is the spontaneous act of the daring soul that has been portrayed in many books and films. It can be a set destination or a capriciously and arbitrarily chosen direction. It can be a catalyst to clear one’s mind or a desperate action to escape the problems of life. It is at the very heart of adventure as we explore places off the beaten path, revisit memories from our past or whittle down our bucket lists.

There may be some unexpected challenges and unforeseen difficulties that come your way out on the open highway. You may even get lost or sidetracked. Each is an occasion to test your mettle and resolve. These are the very things that will make the trip memorable as the stories are recounted for years to come. There will be surprises and disappointments and discoveries that will become new traditions.

2 Teton Sunset.jpg

Sunset over the Teton Range – Grand Teton National Park WY


The term also can describe our life. We travel down this road not always knowing what we will encounter. Our path is sometimes blocked by insurmountable obstacles or forks in the road that lead to unexpected destinations, difficult choices and hard decisions. At times, we are forced to take detours and are not sure where we will end up. But there is something exhilarating about this road trip if we will embrace it and let it lead us to a better place to enrich our lives.


Bighorn Sheep near Georgetown CO


For me, the road trip has become a place of solace and introspection to sort out life’s issues. It has been set against the backdrop of the American west where early explorers ventured out not knowing exactly what they would find. The early trails that the pioneers forged in their quest for a better life have been replaced by interstate highways, county roads and forest service trails. It has also become a place where I have found hidden gems of history and gorgeous vistas. I have also rekindled nostalgic memories and made new discoveries. Along the way, I picked up passions that had been dormant for so many years.


Blacksmith Shop – South Park City – Fairplay, CO


There is only one chance at this gift called life. There is a world full of wonder, opportunities and adventures waiting for you. The road trip is the perfect answer in this over-connected, information-overloaded world. Grab a map or plug in those GPS coordinates and pick a destination. It can be something simple and inexpensive. Get out and visit those out of the way attractions and relics of a bygone era and dish up a slice of Americana.

I think a road trip is in order.

The Lonesome Road Warrior       

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One thought on “A Road Trip is in order

  1. Melanie Smythe says:

    I love it! Makes me want to go on the road and see something I’ve never seen before. You mixed the pictures well with the narrative. Keep on truckin’ (or in your case Jeepin’) and writin’.


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